Star Sports announces closure of casino

A success for forward thinking collaboration (11.12.2019)

We are proud to announce that Star Sports have taken the plunge and agreed to 'go dark' on Christmas Day, committing to switching off their online casino, just for one day.

This just goes to show that with enough good will and determination to do the right thing, good things can happen.  

We're really pleased that there's a company out there that have been willing to take a plunge and put the protection of those that may not be able to control their gambling over profits.

The question now is....will any others follow suit?  We are always open to discussions, but so far, aside from Star Sports and whispers that some big players in the industry are 'discussing' the idea, it's radio silence.

What a fantastic achievement after less than a month since launching!

Thanks to Star Sports for your commitment.  

Alex and the Team. 

(the others eating bagels in the office that are in the shadows).

''Myself and the team at nobet364 are absolutely delighted with Star Sports taking this big leap.

It shows they’re forward thinking and prepared to make tough choices to protect those that maybe don’t have the strength to make their own choices. We very much hope that other companies will take note and become united, just for one day.’'